Thursday, May 2, 2013

To all my readers,

Thank you for visiting my blog. As some of you who might know, I have not been maintaining my blog for some time since I got a new job and had been busily planning my wedding. The initial idea of this blog is to consolidate my thoughts on the markets so that I can objectively analyse the market and it has served its purpose. I also included a "side story" by putting my Taiwan trip into this blog. As my current job is also market related, I stopped writing sometime back.

I am also very happy to see that my posting on Taiwan has invited alot of interests as well as providing some good information for the travelers. It has been 2 years since I had made a trip to Taiwan and I believe there are many changes during this period of time, thus my information may not be so updated from now.

In considerations of the above, I have decided to revamp my blog a bit. For my market view and trading, I think I will not have to time to update them and I am not in a good position to do so. As for Taiwan Trip, the information in my head is likely to be outdated so I am not accepting anymore comments. The Taiwan posting will still remain there to share my Taiwan stories to my readers. Hopefully the information is useful.

Now for the better news. My newly wedded wife and I just came back from our honeymoon in Europe. We had about 21 days traveling free and easy in Europe and it was a memorable experience. We definitely want to record our trip somewhere so I am now gathering my thoughts and putting them into this blog. If you are interested to find out more about our trip, stay tuned...

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